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Littlegreen School

Supporting and developing the whole child

Ofsted Reports

In November 2012, Littlegreen School received a OFSTED Inspection and in 2017 the Residential proviion received their OFSTED inspection.

We are pleased to announce the the school achieved a overall judgement of 'Good' for both inspection.


The full report can be found below or on the oficial OFSTED site

Littlegreen School Ofsted Site

Littlegreen School Residential Ofsted Site

Some Key statements from the report that we are proud of:

  • Littlegreen offers a very effective school experience for its students. Students feel safe and make excellent improvements in their behaviour. They engage in learning far more than they did in previous schools and, as a result, make good and at times outstanding progress.
  • The quality of teaching is good and at times outstanding. Teachers know the students very well and are successful at encouraging them to work hard in lessons.  
  • The marking of students’ work is exceptionally good throughout the school. This means students know how well they are achieving and what they need to do to improve further. 
  • The headteacher and his deputy have placed a strong focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning. Recent improvements have included a much greater focus on improving boys’ handwriting in all subjects.
  • The governing body uses the professional expertise of its members extremely well in the way it checks how well the school is doing and in contributing to improving teaching and student achievement.
  • The involvement of the school in its federation has proven very beneficial in sharing staff expertise between the staff teams of each school.