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Littlegreen School

Supporting and developing the whole child

Art and Design

Key Principles/Purpose of Study:

  • Learners will develop skills in order to be able to:
    • explore and develop ideas
    •  investigate, make, create, compose, evaluate and develop work.
  •  They will learn about:
    • skills, knowledge and subject specific language.
    • artists, craftspeople, designers, 
    • motivation, managing mistakes, positive feelings, a sense of achievement
    • Peer and self-assessment opportunities— Learn how to ask questions, discuss what went well and how to improve.

Aims and Objectives:

Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3

Art and Design at Littlegreen School covers a range of both 2D and 3D art work. Art stimulates creativity and imagination, it provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences. New topics are studied each half term which link to a variety of artists, sculptors and designers.


Pupils experience an array of different materials and processes through which they experiment with colour, form, texture and pattern to communicate what they see, feel or think. Pupils’ participation in Art can give them greater independence to achieve success and build self-esteem.

Learners are given opportunities to make images and artefacts using a wide variety of approaches, including textiles, painting, drawing and new technologies.

Links to Useful Resources:

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