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Food Technology


Key Principles/Purpose of Study:

We believe that learning to cook is a valuable life skill which every pupil should acquire.

The topics covered in Food Tech are practical and skills based. They develop the knowledge and understanding of food whilst learning the skills and techniques of basic cookery.

The topics covered include food safety, use of equipment, healthy eating, foods from different cultures as well as basic cookery skills.

This is a popular subject and has the advantage of a well-equipped room with a range of different cookers to enable pupils to experience food preparation using different fuels.

Aims and Objectives:

Key Stage 2

To be able to handle and use a variety of equipment and ingredients with confidence

To be able to follow a simple recipe

To understand what a healthy diet it

Key Stage 3 & 4

To be able to work from detailed recipes

To cook a broad range of recipes with a wide variety of foods

To understand what a varied diet is

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