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Littlegreen Academy

Supporting and developing the whole child

Pupil Voice

The aim is to help our pupils to become active, democratic citizens and to leave Littlegreen with a broad range of skills to help them engage with democracy, society and the world of work.

It is centred round that every pupils voice should be heard in school and, even more importantly, every pupil should have a say in the things that matter most to them.


There are three ways in which pupils will be encouraged to have their say:

1.   Class Meetings: where they will be asked to discuss a weekly question on the issues in school that matter to them and highlight ideas they may have to improve the school – anyone can ask a question.

2.   Action Teams: where pupils are empowered to drive projects, based on their ideas, that create change in their community.

3.   Communication Team: where a small team run the Pupil Voice and help to get others involve.

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